Hey there I’m Chris!

I’m a photographer based in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area of Pennsylvania. (Although not limited to there!) In the last five years I’ve worked with people from all over the world. And all of which has been in a creative aspect. I have a background in Entertainment Business and Internet Marketing which has allowed me many opportunities to work with amazing people from London, Los Angeles, Ottawa, Panama, Bangkok, Austin, and so many others! One of the first discussions I have with clients is to find out what our passions are so that I can better help assist them. Among mine is always photography. In every opportunity that I’ve had I try to incorporate my photography and now I’m finally ready for this to become a bigger part of my life.

My humble beginnings.

I became interested in photography at a very young age. It was around 5 or 6 when I received my first camera. In fact I remember it was from saving up box tops on my cereal boxes. And I saved up money from mowing lawns to get a small disposable Kodak from a Jurassic Park promotion. I don’t have any of the pictures from that disposable but I have the memory of running home from school every day just to check the mailbox to see if it came. And then spending the entire roll of film (yes, film) on random shots of my two dogs Patches & Whiskers (or of my dad sleeping!) and after the quick 45 minutes with that camera I was simply hooked.

I had many cameras after that one, and created a lot of great memories for myself and my entire circle of family and friends. In 2006, my family pitched in and bought me my first Nikon which is now the family go-to for birthday parties and holidays! I really love the Nikon brand and what they create. And I love that provide awesome products that allow me to produce great quality lasting memories for you and yours!

Where I’m headin’!

To become a full-time photographer is my absolute dream! And I don’t think I would ever stop working or pushing myself to be better even when I achieve that dream. The photography field is an ever-evolving technology field that I’m immersed in fully. I’d love to have all of my pictures in books and magazines one day and I’d love to be you go-to guy for every one of your needs. Events, newborn memories, engagements announcements, wedding parties, and so much more! If you have something in your mind, I would love to hear about it! I’m absolutely thrilled to hear new ideas and I’d be absolutely on board to try new events at any opportunity! Shoot me an email and I’d be very glad to get in touch with you!