I’m so glad that you’re checking this page out. No really, I am!

I wanted to spend some time here and just let you get the sense of who I really am.

Chris SmithI’ll start by saying that you’re in the right place! How do I know? Because I know you’re here to investigate a photographer for a project you’re working on and I’m more than happy to help!

Got a wedding coming up? I’m in! Want to announce your engagement? I’d love to help make it awesome! Need family pictures for an upcoming holiday? Let’s get some coffee and talk about anything you have in mind.

Ideas start as thoughts, and I really love to work with my clients instead of directing them. If I wanted to be a director, I’d have stayed in school and would be leaping at the chance to direct the next Star Wars.

But instead, I’m passionate about helping you smile, helping your fall in love with working with me. I want to capture awesome moments in your life that you can spread and share with all of your friends and family for years and years to come.

A picture hanging up in your home or office isn’t just a talking piece – it’s a memory. And I want to help you get the most awesome memory to showcase.


I was born and raised in Northeastern Pennsylvania. I’ve traveled to a few places around the country and have been lucky enough to photograph awesome people on both the West and East coasts.

I’m a huge nerd! Proud Whovian, fan of comics and video games and movies. A lot of the time when you work with me I’ll have a song or movie quote stuck in my head so I apologize in advance if I get it stuck in yours by the end of the shoot. It happens, but I promise I only listen to the best. Most of the time…

I’m also a big sports fan, and can talk to you all day about any sport and any team. But my heart has its allegiances.

How did I get in to photography in the first place? It didn’t happen overtime. When I was younger my parents had this gigantic camera to record home movies and I was always captivated by it. But instead of motion, I loved pictures that I can print and hold in my hand. It started with taking my allowance and buying disposable cameras. I’d use up the film on pictures of my dog and random flowers in a matter of a few minutes, then I had to wait days for it to be developed and printed. Yes… days, do you still remember waiting for pictures? I DO!

I spent my youth continuing to take pictures and spending time learning from photographers that I grew up around. Some that were more in to journalistic photography and others who did it just for fun. It was a good childhood to grow up in to learn about the business.

All in all, I spent my life around photography in one way, shape or form. It was until I was out of college that I had realized how much I loved it. And it was enough to start offering my work as a service to anybody! And that’s where you come in.